Marketing Musings Volume 2 is a collection of Marketing and Business related essays some of which were written over five years ago. They address salient points that anybody pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing must be aware of.

This anthology of sorts seeks to illuminate different business themes that must be explored if you want to be a marketer worth your salt. It is by no means perfectly written and you may disagree with many of the points raised but as long as they compel you to think about how business is done, then the book’s objective has been achieved. The author does not hold himself as an authority on any subject explored herein and that is why he has compiled information from a wide range of experts within the field. 

Some of the themes that are explored in this volume include: consumer research, commercial market research, video-graphic research and focus group interviews. This volume ends with a marketing report on the competitive positioning of Kirin beer among Japanese university students.